Matthew Bettinaglio began Offshoot Content at the beginning of 2019, previously he ran his film business under his own name, specialising in short films relating to board-riding, travel and art. He spends time on large scale projects that are shown in local community film premieres and has had his work on display at the prestigious John Curtin Gallery for three months in late 2018.

He has been creating films and photographs professionally since 2011.

This passion and inspiration surrounding film and photography through different mediums brings a fresh perspective and creative view when it comes to the commercial world of advertising. Matthew uses this to his advantage to create unique video and photo content for businesses, brands, companies, projects and ideas that stand out from the rest.

Matthew is a story-teller, if you have a story to tell, Offshoot is the team to tell it.

Offshoot isn’t just Matthew, through years of being in the industry Matthew has developed many professional working relationships with others who are some of the best in their field, these people come on-board for specialty projects. There is no project too big or small for Offshoot, from creating 30 second Instagram advertisements to multi-faceted film and photography projects for many different mediums.

If you’re interested in speaking about your ideas don’t hesitate to call or contact Matthew directly.