The Maze, Home of Outback Splash - Video Production Perth

The Maze, Home of Outback Splash is a water park with a cafe, mazes, mini golf & a tonne of Australian animals, located in Bullsbrook about 45 minutes North East of Perth. Offshoot Content was commissioned to create this short social media video as a part of an online advertising campaign.

For social media videos we like to keep things under a minute, in 43 seconds you are shown a quick day in the life of some children and their families experiencing all the different elements of the park, from holding the koalas to having a picnic, playing mini golf and enjoying the water attractions.

Our small team of videographers are now able to capture water imagery using housings, this came in handy for the waterpark where we were able to get up close to the action without fear of ruining our camera gear. It was also a good excuse to submerge the cameras and get some unique angles for the video.

We chose to shoot the majority of the video in slow motion as it really draws you into the activities even though the video is quite fast paced.

We love working with Outback Splash, they have been a client of ours since 2014, we’re excited to see them expand with some new slides and attractions for the coming Summer and we will be there to capture it all.

Matthew Bettinaglio