Night Golf at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens - Promotional Video Services Perth

We recently created this 30 second promotional online video to promote the Night Golf at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens based just north of Perth. Being night time, generally you would want to use additional lighting or a camera that can basically see in the dark like a Sony a7sii, although for this shoot we wanted the glow in the dark balls to be the stand out. Most of the shoot is quite dark with only ambient lighting from the wrapped trees and the balls themselves. I think this gives the little thirty second edit an intimate feeling and makes you kind of experience what it would be like to be there at night and that’s exactly what the client was trying to promote. This is totally different to your average day time, sun lit mini golf experience.

These little edits are perfect for social media usage, this little clip itself garnered just shy of 9,000 views on Facebook and helped created some hype and interest around the night golf experience.

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Matthew Bettinaglio