Capricorn Yanchep, Summerhome Release - Drone Aerial Imagery Perth

We recently provided Capricorn Yanchep (a land development 50+km north of Perth) with some aerial drone imagery and videography of a new land release in the area. The new lots are situated extremely close to incredible beaches, parks and natural sand dunes. Our brief was to capture the park and ocean in the shots so that Capricorn could use them in their own marketing material. Here is what the main image looked like on our final edit and below what it looked like on Capricorn’s website when the release went live.


Drone imagery and video is a practical way of showcasing large parcels of land, scenery, schools, buildings, construction and so many other possibilities. At Offshoot we use a DJI Phantom 4 Advanced, this medium sized drone is able to capture 4K footage at 50 frames per second with 20MP images, more than enough for any project we’ve come across so far. To find out more about our drone and aerial imagery services head on over to this page.

Matthew Bettinaglio