The why behind our commercial video services

Our commercial videos are a great way of showcasing your business, company or organisation in a short space of time. Instead of browsing through pages of information and data, our professional videographers are able to create a short and creative film that quickly gets across who you are, what your services include, where you are located and anything else potential customers need to know.

At Offshoot, we like to take things a step further and really focus on the story-telling aspect. People are more likely to engage with your videos if you are telling the story of your company or brand, rather than just trying to sell them something. Story-telling allows us to show the heart behind your business, not just the details. We care about authentic advertising, this is why we will spend time with you before the shoot, brainstorming and planning the little details. All of our commercial videos are outcomes based, we will discuss what outcomes you are after from the video and plan around that.


What do our clients say?

“Offshoot came through with two perfect videos that ticked all the boxes we outlined when going through what we wanted and needed. The process from video outline to final product was seamless. Matt was on site when we needed him, and the time it took to go from finishing filming to having our final edit was amazingly quick. Both of the first draft edits we received were always of a super high quality and required very little to no changes at all. The quality of cinematography, editing, sound and every aspect involved in creating our media was absolutely superior. The comments we've received from our customers, others in the industry and audiences in general have been super positive, raving about the production quality of the videos Offshoot have created for us.” - GPS Linemarking

On set for a commercial shoot with ATCO.

On set for a commercial shoot with ATCO.


Details and Examples

These videos can range from thirty seconds to five minutes depending on your budget and needs. The optimal time for a video of this nature is roughly three minutes. This kind of video is perfect on the homepage of your website, it can also be used across social media platforms, we offer the ability to cut down these longer edits into 30, 45 and 60 second edits that are perfect to use on Facebook and Instagram. To the left is an overview commercial video we produced for Allied Pumps, we spent two half days filming all the different aspects of their business in their factory with interviews filmed in the offices, this was topped off with a professional voice over and tracking text to create the perfect video for them to use to show to potential clients and customers through online platforms and email marketing.