Our drone is able to capture video at up to 4K resolution at 50fps, this allows us to get maximum resolution with the ability to slow down the footage also.

This higher perspective and impacting imagery from this type of production is sure to engage your audience wether that be through social media platforms, on your website or through television advertising. The two examples on this page showcase the potential hero shots you can capture from the air for your videos.

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Drone or Aerial Imagery has been around for decades, only in the past few years has it became available to the masses. Drone photography and videography is a great way of showcasing an area, selling property, getting cinematic shots to add to your other videos and so much more.

At Offshoot we have been providing drone services for a few years now, there are some examples below from short films we have worked on, as well as some promotional advertising. We have filmed commercial buildings, factories, homes, properties, beaches, forests, schools and so many more things, the options are truly limitless.