When it comes to social media, the content is important but so is the delivery. We provide our videos in a range of formats so that the client can use them to their full potential. Some videos would best be suited as a Facebook header video, some would look better as a square on Instagram while others could be output in a 5:4 ratio for viewing on Facebook as an advertisement.

Our aim is to make incredible visual imagery out of whatever is it you are trying to get across to your customers and client base. At Offshoot we create one-off video and photo content for clients as well as ongoing long term relationships for those that need consistency and reliability.

Social media content is one of, if not, the most important forms of marketing and advertising in todays online world.

There is a bombardment of advertising in this realm, that is why if you’re going to go for it you need to have content that stands out from all the noise and really engages people.

We create high quality, authentic social media imagery in the form of videos and photos. This content revolves around 15-60 second, short, sharp videos and high quality imagery that captures peoples attention instantly.